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Current Programs

Every Woman's Story

We believe that every woman has an important message to share with the world. All too often, however, these stories go unrecorded and are eventually forgotten.

By rediscovering the stories of brilliant women of the past and recording the inspirational lives of successful women today through videotaped and transcribed interviews, we can help young women realize a brighter future.

If you have a story to share or would like to recommend someone to interview, please contact us by phone at 508-222-4430 or via email at info@womenatworkmuseum.org. Our Museum is located at 35 County Street, Attleboro MA, 02703.

  Women in Engineering

The mission of the Women at Work Museum is to to promote leadership, economic independence, and math, science, engineering and technology, and to recognize the efforts of individuals and organizations that support equity in education and the workplace promoting women.

In support of our mission and funded by a grant given by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the Envision Engineering exhibit debuted in the fall of 2007. This exhibit was inspired in part by Jean Bartik, one of the first women to program computers, who said, “I hope all young girls will give themselves permission to dream about any vocation”.

This display is available to travel to local schools and events!  Please contact the museum for details.

As a follow-up to this exhibit, we are excited to present a new interactive Women in Engineering web page, a hands-on opportunity for young women to learn about:

  • Famous and influential women engineers of the past and present
  • Career opportunities in various fields of engineering
  • Advice from "Ask an Engineer"
  • What engineers do
  • And more...

Visit our new interactive Women in Engineering page today!




"If you don't act as if your name is
on the door, it never will be."

Patricia Fripp, speaker and author


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